I have two doctor’s appointments today. The first at the vascular hospital for a diagnosis for the edema (since they ruled out dvt and venous insufficiency). Please cross your fingers for me & my family that it is something simple to fix and not at all threatening. This is a big one.

Following that with pt, which began at square one again after the wreck. It hurts so fucking bad, during and at least a couple of days after. I get goosebumps when I think about it.

I work harder and harder every day to be stronger- physically, and most of all, mentally. But some days I feel claustrophobic, and my pain is five-point restraints. And my mind won’t be still, with every past and possible nightmare screaming loudly and cruelly in my head.

These are the days when I don’t cry, I weep. Loudly and bitterly. And it echos in this quiet, empty house. I can’t cry like this when they’re home, and it scares me crying like this alone. But I have to. Because even though I’m loved, I’m alone in this. They can’t understand and they can’t help.

I’ll try to keep in mind tomorrow might be better, that these days aren’t every day. And I’ll plan on cooking a good dinner even if I’m hurting after pt. It will make me feel valuable and strong.

In this moment though, I’m weak and terrified.


The Labyrinth by Lenonora Carrington


The Labyrinth by Lenonora Carrington

5and10inwoolworth: A Story: You are damn pretty. The End.

I do LOVE a good story.



I was having a shitty day until I heard some funky music and my bedroom turned into a Bob Fossil dance party.

Neil’s good mood and this video are infectious.

Hear! Hear!
I call BULLSHIT on that royal baby! All power to the Punkin!

Thank you:)
cockybasterd replied to your post:True colors
Lol - he’s sooooooo cute though.

I’m wrapped around his tiny, chubby finger.

That royal baby is cute and all…

but you saw the pictures I just posted.

I think we know who deserves the crown for adorable here.

Me & my love

Me & my love

Our Punkin

Bath Time!

(part 2)

Bath Time!

(part 1)

Featuring: Papaw, Uncle Jack, and Aunt Syd

Walker Time!

True colors

I’m about to flood the dash with Punkin (four photo sets).

IF you unfollow, everyone will know it’s because you hate fat, dimpled, perfect babies. It’s that simple.

I’m sitting on a cache of cute

I will unleash it tomorrow during peak traffic hours.

This level of adorable deserves lots of attention.

Here’s a teaser:

If I had a webcam, this is exactly how I’d use it.

If I had a webcam, this is exactly how I’d use it.